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Article: Innovative Aeroplane Hangar Designs You Need to See

Innovative Aeroplane Hangar Designs You Need to See
aircraft hangar

Innovative Aeroplane Hangar Designs You Need to See

Welcome to the world of innovative aeroplane hangar designs! Whether you're a private pilot with a small aircraft or part of a commercial aviation operation, finding the perfect hangar for your needs is crucial. The design of aircraft hangars continues to evolve as the aviation industry does. Innovation in hangar design is driven by the diverse needs of modern aviation.

It is important that aircraft of all sizes are stored and maintained efficiently. That's why we offer a range of hangar designs engineered to meet diverse requirements, from compact shelters to expansive facilities. Let's dive into the exciting world of aeroplane hangar designs you need to see.

Creative Developments in Hangar Designs

Back in the day, aircraft hangars were pretty basic. They were mostly made of wood, which didn't offer much protection against bad weather. These hangars usually had open sides so planes could get in and out easily, and they were often just temporary setups.

But things have changed a lot since then, thanks to new technology in making stuff. Nowadays, we've got steel hangars that are impressively reflective and way better at keeping planes safe. These steel hangars show just how far we've come in making places to store and fix up aeroplanes.

The Perfect Addition to Your Aircraft Hangar

Steel Aircraft Hangar

Starting with the basics, our steel aircraft hangars are the epitome of durability and functionality. Available in three different sizes- 33ft x 50ft x 18ft (10x15x5.5m), 40ft x 50ft x 18ft (12x15x5.5m), 53ft x 50ft x 18ft (16x15x5.5m). These hangars offer versatility to accommodate various aircraft dimensions. Whether you have a small single-engine plane or a midsize jet, there's a steel hangar to suit your needs. Additionally, we provide two insulation options- None (.6mm Box Section Steel Cladding) and 50mm Insulated Sandwich Panelling, to ensure optimal protection against external elements. From harsh weather conditions to temperature fluctuations, our insulated steel hangars keep your aircraft safe and secure year-round.

Insulated Aircraft Hangar

For those seeking enhanced thermal performance, our insulated aircraft hangars are the perfect solution. With the three-size options- 40ft x 50ft x 19ft (12x15x5.7m), 53ft x 50ft x 19ft (16x15x5.7m), 66ft x 50ft x 19ft (20x15x5.7m), these structures offer an added layer of insulation to regulate internal temperatures effectively. Whether you're storing sensitive equipment or conducting maintenance activities, our insulated hangars create a comfortable environment inside. Say goodbye to extreme heat or cold affecting your aircraft and hello to consistent temperature control with our innovative designs.

Aircraft Hangar Green

Looking to make an eco-friendly choice for your aircraft storage needs? Our green hangar option combines sustainability with functionality. Available in three sizes and offering two-door options—manual Roll-up PVC Door and sliding Rail Doors for added convenience—these hangars are designed with the environment in mind. Constructed using eco-friendly materials and featuring energy-efficient design elements, our green hangars minimize environmental impact without compromising on performance. Experience peace of mind knowing that your aircraft is housed in a hangar that prioritizes sustainability.

Aircraft Hangar Grey

Last but not least, our grey hangar option combines sleek aesthetics with practicality. Available in three sizes 30ft x 46ft x 16ft (9.2x14x5m), 36ft x 46ft x 16ft (11x14x5m), 50ft x 46ft x 16ft (15x14x5m) and offering two-door options- Manual Roll Up PVC Door, Sliding Rail Doors for customizable access. These hangars are perfect for those who prioritize style without sacrificing functionality. Whether you're looking to complement existing structures or stand out with a modern design, our grey hangars deliver both form and function. With durable construction and ample space, these hangars provide a secure home for your aircraft while adding a touch of sophistication to any location.

Double Truss - Single Sheet - Steel Aircraft hangar with Bi-Folding door

Advantages of Our Aircraft Hangars

When you choose a hangar, you're in for a treat! Here are the awesome perks you'll enjoy:

  1. Aesthetic and Modern- We put thought and care into each building we make. That means there are no limits to how cool your hangar can look, inside and out. Want a sleek design? You got it. Prefer something more traditional? We can do that too.

  1. Large Spans- Our wooden hangars can stretch up to 70 meters wide. That's huge! With all that space and no columns getting in the way, you've got the freedom to work just the way you want.

  1. Ecological and Sustainable- We love the environment, so we use wood that's easy on the planet. It doesn't have to travel far, it's light, and it's made with low energy. That makes it one of the best materials for building sustainably.

  1. Fast Construction- We know you're eager to get your hangar up and running. That's why we promise speedy construction. With lots of work done before it even arrives, your hangar will be up in no time.
  2. High Fire Resistance- Safety first! Wood might seem like it could burn easily, but not ours. Our hangars are built to resist fire, keeping you and your stuff safe.

  1. Comfortable Atmosphere- Imagine walking into your hangar and feeling right at home. That's the cozy vibe wood brings. It keeps the air just right, so whether you're working or chilling, you'll feel comfy.

With all these amazing benefits, it's clear that choosing a hangar from KitBuildings is a smart move. In addition to our diverse range of hangar designs, we also offer customization options to tailor each structure to your specific requirements. In order to bring our clients' vision to life, we work closely with them on door configurations and interior layouts. 

Whether you need extra storage space, workshop areas, or office facilities within your hangar, we can accommodate your needs with precision engineering and attention to detail. Say hello to a stylish, spacious, and eco-friendly home for your aircraft!


At KitBuildings, we're committed to providing innovative aeroplane hangar designs that meet the evolving needs of aviation enthusiasts and professionals alike. From compact shelters for light aircraft to expansive facilities for commercial use, our buildings are engineered to provide optimal storage and maintenance solutions. The hangars we offer are built to withstand the test of time while keeping your aircraft safe and secure, focusing on durability, functionality, and sustainability.

Ready to explore our range of innovative aeroplane hangar designs? Visit our website to learn more about our products and customization options. Whether you're a private pilot, aircraft owner, or aviation business operator, we have the perfect hangar solution for you. Experience the difference with Kit Buildings Canada and elevate your aircraft storage experience today!

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